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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Pajaro Sunrise- Old Goodbyes

There’s really no reason to suspect that nothing short of understated belief-fuelled confidence is the secret active ingredient throughout a set of songs that really gets under your skin.

As visceral as YOAV with Belle and Sebastian’s pop sensibility and Bon Iver poignancy, this entire album’s underpinned with Burt Bacaharach sentimentality which somehow echoes the 1960s and in my mind at least, stirs images of a beatnik Christopher Cross.

Something akin to fragility shines, yet with such a strong sound upheld by its gracious spine of sincerity, you can’t help but succumb to its infectious charisma and no, listening to this album just the once will not suffice nor satisfy.

Viva Espana! Yuri & Pepi