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Monday, 11 June 2012

A 3 Step Guide to Christmas Present Perfection (24/9/12)

It's a fact that receiving generic Christmas presents can be dispiriting, especially when they're from someone close. It's just as true to say that a gift can reflect the relationship you share with others.

In this article I'll suggest, analyse and apply an effective solution to the sadly predictable shopping options offered to us, year after year, so as to avoid any misinformed or uninspired purchases.

There are three key steps to solving this dilemma...

1. Personality - Considering somebody's gender, age, profession, interests and finally, their relationship to you, is simply a must. No matter how obvious or important this may seem, the downfall of many a shopper lies in their failure to consider these vital personality traits. So, let's now imagine we're buying for Alex, your flamboyant cousin; a professional 30 year old man who's always on the go, loves the stars, hates cats and smokes heavily.

Christmas present2. Common ground - Now we have the person's lifestyle covered, we can apply a more personal approach and search for common ground. If there's something you both share, use it! Maybe memories of an experience such as a concert or even a hold up, maybe you share a secret passion for silent Czech film (remember that amazing weekend-long film festival you and Alex attended?). Whatever it might be, gift ideas drawn from personal experience undeniably hold greater significance and pack greater impact.

3. Peace of mind - The third and final step is more self serving, provides peace of mind and greater reassurance that whichever gift you have in mind is indeed perfect. Questioning those familiar with Alex to begin with, before questioning those familiar with the actual gift, should clear up any lingering doubts you have. Maybe rethink those glow-in-the-dark stars if you know Alex loves Astrology, yet unbeknownst to you, Alex's afraid of the dark or that the stars simply won't perform in the house of any heavy smoker.

It really doesn't matter who you're buying for; follow these three steps and both you and your offerings are virtually guaranteed to be a success this festive season.