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Friday, 26 October 2012

The Stone Roses Reunion: One year on...

The Stone Roses announced their reunion over a year ago now and after growing tired of waiting for new material, I thought I'd share what I see as being the sum total... 

Sugar spun sisters
I’m going the distance
Get me I’m seeking some assistance
Sky high in the realms tonight
Sky high I’m like a meteorite
I’m easy like the Holy Ghost
It aint no boast it’s just a toast
Sky high in the realms tonight
Sky high like a meteorite
Stone Roses all the rage
Stone Roses up on the stage
Bang the drums
Ignore the bores
Kick down the doors
Let’s have a round of applause.

I know they've been busy cashing in their cheques, but c'mon guys, give us something more substantial than a half-cocked rap! TSK DARN DRAT AND PATOOEY!!!