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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Tulisa: The Female Boss of 2012!

Okay, so she’s an X Factor judge, but that doesn’t mean that this Camdenite spends all her time tipping her hat to contestants, no sir-ee!  Tulisa has already gone multi-platinum which, as odd as it might sound is a great achievement for any established superstar who’s just about to release their debut solo album!  

Eg White (Adele) The Dream’ (Rihanna), Toby Gad (Beyonce), Rico Love (P. Diddy) and Diane Warren (Whitney Houston) have each contributed to and co-produced ‘The Female Boss’, an album co-written by Tulisa that promises to be a sassy classy masterpiece that’s every bit as proud as its somewhat shy title.  

After her debut single ‘Young’ hit the #1 spot, Tulisa then released ‘Live It Up’ (featuring Tyga), her second, more streetwise single; and who can blame her for taking a giant step towards the familiarity of her NDUBZ roots.   She’s now scheduled to jump on the ‘Adele or high water’ band-wagon with ‘Sight of You.’

Surely inspired by Adele’s sickening success, Tulisa’s bittersweet Sight of You’ has already been earmarked as her third single.  Empowered by an emotive and sentiment-driven “I use to love the sight of you, now I can’t stand the sight you” vocal, the song is all set to see Tulisa topping the charts again.  

If you’re done reading ‘Honest’ her 2012 autobiography and you’ve blown all your spare cash on her exclusive TFB clothing line and you still just can’t get enough of her, there’s always the NDUBZ Greatest Hits to look forward to on November 28!  Make no mistake that Tulisa will close 2012 on a massive high!
‘The Female Boss’ is released via All Around the World/Island Records on November 26 2012.

Finally, here are the lyrics to a most refreshing song entitled 'Live Your Life' which is from the aforementioned 'Sight of You' single, which also features two remixes of ‘Sight Of You’ by Sticky and TS7. 

It really is like nothing you've heard before... NO, REALLY REALLY!