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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Sister Ray: Gemma gets Down Baby Down

Gemma Ray's new fantasy soundtrack album somewhat precariously showcases her skills as a multi-instrumentalist.  Alongside Thomas Wydler (drums), Rory More (organ) and Wilhelm Stegmeier (bass), Gemma handles the vocals, guitar, piano, clavioline, glockenspiel, melodica and even the dulcimer, to bring us a short but oh so sweet sonic experience that's like nothing I've heard in recent times.

Making no secret of her love for composers Morricone, John Barry and Jack Nitzsche to name but a few,  she seemingly allures musical elements into a fine-tuned fusion that effortlessly incorporates folk and jazz and almost all things in-between.  The end result is refreshing; remember that... music to marvel at? This is well worth a listen as the above trailer will surely illustrate.

Down Baby Down is available to buy now on vinyl and CD or download as the second installment of Bronze Rat's Aphōnos series, a new music library focusing on similar, left-of-centre musical meanderings, soundtracks, instrumentals and other such strange treasures from around the world.  If you dig this then perhaps aficionados could get down and dig for more of the same. 

Those who find this to good to miss live will have to venture into Europe to catch one of just a fistful of small scale intimate shows at these dates & venues: April 12th: IT Florence, Tender Club / April 13th: IT Verona, Interzona / April 21st: DE Bielefeld, Forum (with The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion) / April 22nd: DE Hamburg Grünspan (again with TJSBE) / May 2nd: DE Frankfurt Zoom (again with TJSBE).