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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Coldplay recruit Iron Man's dad!!!

Okay, so my attention-grabbing title might seem a little misleading, maybe even a lot, but if you’re reading this then I guess it was as effective as I hoped; please try to find some forgiveness in your fine self after reading beyond this introductory paragraph, it’s for a good cause after all!

Dominic Cooper, who played Howard Stark in the first instalment of the latest Captain America movie franchise, has joined thousands of global Coldplay fans, including many high-profile aficionados such as their recent support act Wolf Gang, in helping Oxfam combat illegal land grabs.

Distinctive British street artist turned superstartist Paris, who’s visionary contribution to the Olympics and an array of Coldplay activity has also brought his futuristic, history-inspired styling to the) table.  For timely updates on Paris or to peruse his works, visit the fantastic Art-el gallery today. 

Now for the best bit!  Director Mat Whitecross (forthcoming Spike Island movie-maker) has produced an inspirational crowd-sourced video that’s been set to an acoustic version of Coldplay’s In My Place’ and when you see it, you should get an idea of the epic scale of importance it holds.
The symbolic film features a host of global contributors and both rich and poor from Argentina through to Indonesia and beyond, are seen displacing personal belongings from the safety of familiar surroundings or are seen spending time in unfamiliar and far less comfortable situations.
Mat Whitecross commented on the importance of the film and the situation that motivated him to make it:   
Crowd-sourcing is a really exciting way to give creative power to the public. As a long-term supporter of Oxfam, I was keen to help and to take on the challenge. I felt a huge responsibility to produce something that lived up to the commitment of the fans that had given their time and shared their voices to make real change. My parents were refugees, so the issue of displacement, home and belonging are really important to me. I hope that the film helps bring the injustices caused by land grabs to a much wider audience. This is something we should all know about."

The film has been released in the week that the World Bank, which influences how land is bought and sold on a global scale, convenes for its Annual Spring Meetings. After Oxfam’s GROW campaign, which aims to secure a future where everyone has enough to eat, called on the World Bank to act against these devastating land grabs, the bank acknowledged the important part it plays and promised to do more about the situation. Oxfam now hopes that the campaign video will inspire thousands of people worldwide in ensuring this promise is upheld.

Hannah Stoddart of Oxfam’s GROW campaign added:

“Thousands of Coldplay fans are adding their voices to an ever increasing and powerful global call for action to stop land grabs.  The World Bank can help ensure that land deals do not leave poor communities without a place to live or grow food. They must act now.”

So come on people, get involved and do what you can to support a worthy cause… or Iron Man’s dad will come and kick your ass!  Go watch the ‘In My Place’ film for more inspiration and to see just how many people are already showing their support and standing up against the injustice.