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Thursday, 15 October 2009

The Sleeping Years: Into the Sunlight / Katherine Cove

Like waking well rested, deep below the duvet, late on the sunniest of days, (probably owing to the lyrical content) listening to ‘Into the Sunlight’ by The Sleeping Years (TSY) instils a forlorn-lined sense of optimism.

Maintaining a simplistic mood comparable with the music of Damien Rice or Passenger, a crisp and clean acoustic guitar drives the song, both contradicting and accentuating the beauty of a poignant string section as it goes.

Along with understated percussion, we’re treated to a song that’s not trying to be big nor clever and the vocal, a casually delivered narrative that could be straight from the mouth of a reflective Brian Molko (Placebo), haunts as it engages in equal measure, as it sublimely rides its accompaniment.

From its subtle opening to sudden close, this ‘A’ side pleases and leaves you eagerly anticipating ‘Katherine Cove’, the similarly constructed flipside which, owing for additional instrumentation and lowered optimism, carries the same high calibre of its predecessor.

For the pre-order 7” vinyl version and its featured free digital downloads of both aforementioned tracks and 'Summer is nearly over' and 'Into sunlight (radio edit)', go to-

Their acclaimed LP 'We're becoming islands one by one' is also available via the above link.

TSY are: Dale Grundle (vocals, guitar), Dan Wood (piano), Alex Beamont (cello), Tom Page (drums).

For full info on TSY, go to -