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Friday, 13 November 2009

Jimmy Choo comes to H&M

Available via 200 H&M stores from around the world, Saturday 14th November 2009 sees the launch of an exclusive 86 item Jimmy Choo (JC) range. From £14.99, shoppers can take home desirable his & hers clothing, shoes, bags & accessories from the JC house of hot.

JC has ventured out this time, with his crystal, stud and animal print-abundant designs stretching (for the very first time) beyond his usual scope, making this range doubly original Choo designer wear.

JC Founder and President Tamara Mellon said the range was predominantly palatable for what she referred to as the “cool and young customer with a fashionable and independent sense of spirit”.

H&Ms Creative advisor Margareta van den Bosch added "This Autumn, Jimmy Choo brings vitality and sexy glamour to H&M. I love the really high strappy sandals with lots of decoration and attitude; matched with clean-cut, 80s-inspired clothes...I think this collection suits anyone with a flair for fashion and high heels".

And just as hinted at above, whilst JCs jaw-dropping designer boots, bags, blazers, biker jackets, sweaters, shirts and trousers are offered to the male market, the ladies will undoubtedly be frenzied! Considering the extensive JC range available, ladies are being gifted!

With anything from glossy, crystal spattered single-shoulder dresses, leather leggings, jumpsuits and dresses, fake-fur gilets, sequined cardigans and embroidered tops ready for purchase. Shoes include skyscraper heels, thigh-highs, ballet pumps, gladiator flats and Cuban-heeled boots.

Accessories include evening clutches , (studded or fringed )day bags, studded and wide triple wrap belts, not to mention the choker necklaces, bracelets, cuffs and earrings that finish and finesse of the look.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, amidst such fervour driven anticipation, you’re not the only one who’s cocked locked and ready to rock at a local H&M; Paris Hilton’s got her eye on the prize too... “I already love H&M but the fact that they are doing Jimmy Choo as well I think is amazing - the purses, the shoes, everything. The clothes are so cute. They have so many fabulous things and I can’t wait to get the whole collection”.

In anticipation of this auspicious event, a Hollywood launch party was thrown above Sunset Strip, featuring numerous celebrities such as Paris & Nicky Hilton, Kate Walsh, Sheryl Crow, Cat Deeley and last but not least M.I.A. who commanded the stage as they performed their hearts out for the ‘A’-list audience.

So, with people partying already, isn’t it time we collectively celebrate this meeting of minds? Personally, I’m going to save my money for Saturdays H&M visit! I asked a like-minded Eve and Dace (a couple of clearly fashion conscious ladies on the street) what they thought of the forthcoming range... “My husband’s going to kill me... I’ve already set aside a virtual £700, along with my £100 cash for an amazing front-split black dress”. Dace remained somewhat contemplative (some would say hypnotised) as she perused the JC/H&M range with the eyes of a child on Christmas morn!

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