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Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Formerly known as The Coliseum, Coventry city’s The Kasbah is renowned to say the least.  This vibrant and popular haven for all music lovers has stood the test of time (give or take a facelift here or there) and has done so in style, for over 10 memorable years.  Now, here it stands and faces another decade of decadence.

Both as a nightclub and live music venue, The Kasbah is widely recognised as a leader in the entertainment industry, recognition that surely stems from its majestic history, forthcoming features and the loyal fan base who continue to enjoy its offerings.

Supporting the local music scene is also another avenue for which they’re revered.  They’ve opened the live music scene up to the people of Coventry by comfortably accommodating groundbreaking audiences of up to 1150 people.  Discovering up and coming, unsigned talent, some of which even get to support the big name bands that regularly feature here, is a proven attraction, especially amidst their student strong clientele.

Securing popular acts such as Arctic Monkeys, Gary Numan, Calvin Harris and Klaxons has certainly raised The Kasbahs profile and put them in competition with similar sized yet longer standing venues.  Along with regular club nights Poptastic, Kinky and Groovy Garden proving to be every bit as popular as their drinks promotions, it’s no wonder the place is so often found packed.

And now, with its recent Moroccan themed rejuvenation, The Kasbah simply shames any local competition.  How many heated beer gardens feature a luxurious barbecue area and extensive outdoor bar... how many establishments can boast of an outdoor area that mirrors the opulent decor found within?

So now, with all looking forward to the festive season and a happy New Year that already promises the likes of Ocean Colour Scene (7/2) & The Sunshine Underground (13/2), Kasbah proprietor Thanos Staikos gives us a little insight into what The Kasbah might have in store for us in 2010...

“We’ve a whole host of massive artists lined up to play for 2010, particularly within the D ‘n’ B and Dub-step scene; rumour has it that Roni Size, Shy FX, Hazard and Scream will grace our stage!”

“One of our targets for 2010 is to have more local bands like The Enemy, breaking big into the music scene and I’m confident we’ll do it too because the city’s real thirsty for new music.  Bands like Pint Shot Riot and Just Morale are ready to break, so watch this space.” 
Kasbah has always been the place to be and to be seen, there’s something for everyone and every night differs from the next.  We aim to create a memorable party atmosphere every night, in a safe environment for all our clients to enjoy.”