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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Spiritualized's Spaceman gets astronomical: £125 CD!!!

From Wednesday December 16th, the 1997 classic album ‘The Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space’ will be re-released as a strictly limited edition collectors CD box set (CAT#ATPRCD36).  1000 copies are available worldwide and are yours to snap up for a mere £125 (excl. p&p)!

Now I’m a big fan of the band and in particularly that album and the memories it holds for me, but come on Jason, we know you’re a spaceman but this is a little astronomical isn’t it?  Don’t get me wrong, the package sounds like the stuff dreams are made of...

 12 x 3” Prescription Pack CD’s packaged in a foil tray (track-by-track homage to the original release)
 2 x 5” bonus CD’s containing 35 unreleased versions & outtakes
 Digital Download Code for the original album (For those who don’t wish to open the blister pack)
 Individual Prescription Cards signed by J.Spaceman
 Brand New Artwork by the original designers Farrow & Spaceman
Each will come with a prescription numbered out of 1000 and will be signed by J Spaceman.
Pre-order before Nov 30th to have the name of choice printed on the prescription.

The box will be sent out from the UK on December 16th, unless you should choose to collect it from either of the eagerly anticipated Spiritualized Barbican shows in London (Dec. 16th & 17th).

Special pre-sales are already available from here.

I’d love to tell you that I’ve already got mine in the virtual bag, but I’m not rushing out to buy on this occasion, I’ve got my own retirement to think of too you know!