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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Give Santa the Sack this Christmas... Get to Giftassist

If you need to redeem yourself from last year’s disastrous gift ideas, keep reading!  We’ve all had the conversation that goes something like... “Remember last year when Ant gave Dad a skateboard?”

Using Mother as an example (on the theory that everybody knows one!), it’s instantly obvious that no two are absolutely alike, beyond any far-reaching, society based interests.  Chocolate and fauna will undoubtedly win some hearts, whilst a country Manor based sauna will win others, but their widespread availability undeniably detracts from any unique quality or suggested consideration.

I feel a gift from a close one should defy such a retail kop-out of a facade, be far more endearing and perhaps most importantly, mutually significant and personal to both parties.

The modern-day global market place is vast and furious, with its target driven salespeople, unit-shifting manufacturers and profile conscious companies each competing for your cash.  And so with that in mind, it’s somewhat understandable that the shelves we frantically scan each year, are awash with gifts that are ‘ideal’ for him or her. 

This is of course all very well if you don’t care if what you’re buying actually counts for anything, whilst more conscientious folk who aim to impress will find these ‘run of the mill’ gifts, simply thoughtless and perhaps, to some extent, distasteful.

Don’t let you and your shoddy offering be the topic of derogatory laughter-riddled conversation over Boxing Day’s lunch; make an impression this Christmas, with perfect presents that show you really care.  
When I first heard about Giftassist and its concept, I figured it wouldn’t be as helpful or thorough as I’d imagined.  Ant’s wrong again then!

So, what is it you might ask!  Well, it’s basically a personal shopper that actually gets personal.  The site is incredibly user-friendly with insightful search criteria and all in all, it’s impressed me enough to write this blatant big-up for them!

So folks, what do you say to seeing the New Year in with festive redundancy & to seeing good ol' St. Nic down at the jobcentre!