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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Treehorns: Live at The Kasbah, Coventry 14/10/2009.

In front of the 70-strong crowd, Coventry’s own The Treehorns (TT) open and close their 1st track to the usual reserved encouragement, the most an upcoming band can hope for perhaps.  Aside from the 5 punters distracted by the charms of the bar, everyone is gazing stagewards; as they deal with the unexpected pleasure that TT deliver from their 3 guitars, lead vocal and engaging, energetic on-stage performance. 

And so, stirring echoes of Dodgy and Johnny Flynn as they go (and boy do they go!), TT crack on, injecting little needed imagination or variety into their blistering and suitably billed set.

I don’t think that anybody cares about the inaudible, vocally mumbled bridge of banter between songs either, which is a shame, because whether they know it or not, they’ve just been informed that Frightened Rabbit, the second support act, won’t be playing due to their late arrival.

And despite the noticeably responsive crowd not going into hyper drive upon the news that CDs (which should sell if there is any justice) are for sale, TT launch into their 4th song with the addition of a 4th guitarist (a friend who couldn’t afford a ticket) who honestly takes the band onto a new, well seasoned sounding level.

My failure to spot any sing-along classics or future anthems counts for nothing I feel, because TT prove their worth as they superfluously provide tonight’s support act to the mighty Gomez.  Bravo TT bravo...  2010 should be ace!

TT are Luke Clark – (Vocals, Lyrics, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar), Danny Marley – (Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals, Lyrics, Harmonica, Keys), Mart Law - (Bass Guitar, Keys), Paul Jones – (Drums and Percussion).

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