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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

What's life without Hope? 2013 sees the return of Mazzy Star

In terms of anticipation-wrapped album releases, there can only be the forthcoming Stone Roses LP (if it actually materialises of course!) to trump the September 24th release of Mazzy Star’s ‘Seasons of your Day’, which fans have now waited 17 long years for; just two less than my fellow Roses fans.

It’s true that we’ve had the comforting sounds of Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions to warm our cockles in the meantime, but for many, hearing Sandoval and David Roback do their oh so sultry thing once more, will surely prove to be a most eagerly awaited calendrical highlight.
Mazzy Star have now resurrected and whet our collective appetite with ‘California’, a typically emotive affair that solely serves as a sonic salute to the band’s West Coast origin, although promises of an accompanying video have been made, along with the mention of an August release date.

Following the digital & double-sided 7” release of album tracks ‘Common Burn’/’Lay Myself Down’, ‘California’ is the third 2013 market-testing appetiser, which together help to paint a picture in a space that faithful Mazzy Star fans have simply refused to take their eyes off.  

‘Seasons of your Day’ will be released worldwide digitally, as well as on a delectable 180gm double vinyl and a surely nonetheless desirable CD, but our American cousins will have to wait an extra day to get their copies, as the album has a US release date of September 25th.  

Further enticement comes in the form of a complete set of these familiar sounding track titles: ‘In the Kingdom’/‘California’/ ’I’ve Gotta Stop’/‘Does Someone Have Your Baby Now’/‘Common Burn’/‘Seasons of Your Day’/ ‘Flying Low’/‘Sparrow’/‘Spoon’/‘Lay Myself Down’.
Mazzy Star are also reportedly set to hit the road in Autumn, when they take to Europe and North America to promote the new LP, possibly with original members Keith Mitchell and Suki Ewers who might join Josh Yenne, Keith’s pedal steel-playing son Paul and Warm Invention Colm O' Ciosoig.

So you don’t miss your chance to catch their elusive and somewhat aloof live act here in the UK, try to keep up to speed with Mazzy Star by visiting the usual social media sites.  Here are links to Mazzy Star’s Twitter page and Mazzy Star’s Facebook page.