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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Norwich spawns Mega Emotion

New Norwich band Mega Emotion (ME) pleasingly sound like a parallel universe version of New Order who signed to 4AD and made out with both Deal sisters (hi Kim xxx)! ME is made up of three former  members of an awesome yet now disbanded Norwich group who have just released ‘Brains’, their brilliant debut single that’s accompanied by the inspired Ross Sutherland (RS) video below:

RS commented:  …the release of the first single from Mega Emotion ... Because we are mates, I got the honour of making their first music video! Its cobbled together VHS footage from all college football games (mostly around 1979-1983)... I’m not sure why! The song is called ‘Brains’ so I just liked the idea of setting it to young men getting their heads kicked in.”                                  


Born of a desire to make dance music and a love for guitar-based rawness, ME embarked on an energetic sequenced drum-spattered odyssey of chaos and precision that all started in the beautiful Norfolk countryside!  Amidst the musical mayhem there’s also an abundance of strings and synthesisers that are locked in a heated battle-ready blitz of good vibes and versatility!

ME are already earning BBC airplay and single of the week accolades from outlets such as The 405, who somewhat affectionately said "Brains starts like Blondie and soon becomes something different. Part Pixies noise-fest, part 80s synth sunset. I fucking love this song. It makes me want to rip out my shitty broken spine and flop around on a dance floor having fun.” Nice!

Intrigued?  You can next see and hear the delectable ME do their thang (ahead of their UK tour in November) at the Hare & Hounds in Birmingham on Sep 28 (see above poster for details). You can even send your name, address and sizing preference with a £10 payment to PayPal ( and buy a hand-made, pride-inducing ME t-shirt to strut your stuff in on the night!  

Please visit... 
Finally, this has nothing to do with the band, but it made me giggle a and I couldn't stand the thought of all the sleep I'd lose if I didn't do the right thing and share it with y'all!  I'm sure ME will forgive me if I remind everyone that Lisa and the rest of the band are every bit as tasty as the namesake Nestle snack that I've sneaked in below!